“It was a wonderful experience working with Deb!  I was interested in exploring the Enneagram, and she supported my learning journey with deep insight and an ability to help me not only understand, but apply my learning in a meaningful and healing manner.  Deb was highly skilled at helping me work through some areas in my life that I needed help with, and supporting me during a challenging time.  I am so very grateful!”  Jann

“Since the 1980’s I’ve loved working with the Enneagram and was delighted to learn of Deb Presser’s cards.  Eagerly I awaited the mailer from Ohio and was so excited when it arrived, carefully packaged and intact.  Encased in a cool little envelop that I can slip into a purse or backpack, so it’s very portable.  It was well designed and easy to use.  The first client I shared it with loved it as well and said, “The cards helped me understand myself more and what oils would help me enhance my health.”   Nancy